We are proud of doing our job

We perform all services, related to repair of the cylinder heads, starting with their examination and polishing, change of valve guides or valve seats, cutting of valve seats and ending with such works, as welding of heads or performance of other coordination works. We are proud of being able to repair almost any failure of any head. We are the only company in the Baltic countries, who may weld cast-iron heads. Moreover, we also provide services to such heavy-duty vehicles as trucks, dump trucks, car carrier trailers, tractors, combine harvesters and even ships. At work, we pay particular attention to high quality of works. Besides, we use only highest quality spare parts because we appreciate and are fully aware of the importance of our work. We carefully examine every cylinder head and, in case of doubts at any given moment, we confidently eliminate any defects. By working in this field for more than 20 years, during which we actively improved our knowledge in this market, we have acquired a lot of information, which we gladly share with our customers and colleagues. Since an engine is a complex mechanism, every time before we start working, we have to find out the reasons due to which the cylinder head was removed from an engine, as well as what exactly happened to such engine and what is the real reason behind its failure. Our aim is to ensure that our repaired vehicles will run smoothly and serve you for a long time; therefore, we consult our customers and help them to manage the process of events.